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  • John stavropoulos

    John stavropoulos

    Freelance Software Engineer — Full Stack Developer.

  • Svaťa Šimara

    Svaťa Šimara

    Developer interested in Domain-Driven Design & Modeling

  • Jan Mikeš

    Jan Mikeš

  • Michal Malewicz

    Michal Malewicz

    ⬜️ YouTube: https://youtube.com//MalewiczHype 🟥 We build the future at www.hype4.com

  • Pierre Borodin

    Pierre Borodin

    I’m a UI/UX Designer based in the Czech Republic.

  • Tomáš Baránek

    Tomáš Baránek

    Writer, publisher, father and son. And  +𐃏+(ℷ)

  • Jakub Nowak

    Jakub Nowak

  • Grant Darling

    Grant Darling

    web developer based out of Toronto, Canada. www.thecodebytes.com

  • M.G. Siegler

    M.G. Siegler

    Writer turned investor turned investor who writes. General Partner at GV. I blog to think.

  • Simone D'Avico

    Simone D'Avico

    Software Engineer with a passion for programming languages

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